flow meter

ZBLB Smart Target Flow Meter
ZBLB Smart Target Flow Meter adopts stress measuring method by applying the lever principle to realize flow measurement. Acquire the same signal as the signal of changing flow through high precision double holes cantilever stress sensor. Via being processed by A/D converter, MPU and D/A converter, etc, then the output signal which is transferred into 4-20mA open current analog signal and digital signal that is in conformity with HART protocol and is superimposed on the analog signal. It is provided with the functions of high accuracy for linearity treatment, strong interference-resistance, remote configuration, monitoring, maintenance and adjustment, etc. It can work together with equipment being conformity with HART protocol in the field bus so as to realize the digital communication, process checking and automatic controlling. It can also be used compatibly with analog meter. The static pressure adjustment device of ZBLB has won the national patents.Patent No.: ZL99 321507.6, ZL
EFTN target flow meter
EFTN target flow meter is flow measuring meter designed by ourselves, we all select large scale integrated circuit and device manufactured by famous chip manufacturer in the world such as TI company,AD company and MAX company, use Embedded Workbench compiling environment of IAR company to compile reliable EFTN working procedure. EFTN can be used for measuring flow of liquid,gas and steam, and convert it to analog output signal of 4-20mA. Not only have they the character of no moving part such as orifice plate and vortex street, but also have perfect accuracy that can be compared with the precision of volume meter. Meanwhile, they have features of anti-interference, dirty resistance proof, simpleness with good reliability. They can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, energy, food, environment protection and water conservancy, etc.
MTF Smart Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Transmitte...
MTF smart metal tube variable area flow transmitter is an intelligent instrument that are developed and manufactured in DDTOP. It corresponds the fluid flow signals to analog voltage signals, then converts into 4-20mA two-wire system current signals on which HART communication protocol may be superimposed on it. It has high precision ,low draft ,strong capability of anti-interference, and can realize the functions of remote configuration, monitoring, maintenance and adjustment, etc.Patent Certificate No.: ZL02 3 53133.9.
LBTC Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Flow Meter
LBTC positive displacement rotary vane flow meter belongs to positive displacement meter and is one of the most accurate measuring meters for measuring liquid of modern industry. The flow meter has stable performance and is insensitive to flow state change of upstream medium and change of medium viscosity. It has high measuring accuracy,good applicability and long life. Now it has widely used for every field such as process control of modern industry and trade settlement, etc.
LZZ–S Double Rotor Flowmeter is high precision measuring instruments used for continuous measurement of liquid flow in pipeline. It has no pulse, low noise, high precision, high reliability, wide range, small pressure loss, strong adaptability of viscosity, and can measure the high temperature, high viscosity liquids, calibration of convenient, easy to install, and many other advantages.The meter is equipped with the pointer display, word wheel cumulative counting device, and can directly display cumulative flow when liquid flows through the pipe, it can also realize remote display through connection between the transmitter and the electronic instrument or computer. The flowmeter is suitable for petrochemical, chemical, chemical fiber, traffic, commerce, food, medicine, health care and other industrial departments of commerce measurement control and engineering management.