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ZTD Series Smart Displacer Level (Interface) Transmitter
ZTD Series Smart Displacer Level (Interface) Transmitter
ZTD series smart displacer level (interface) transmitter is produced by Dandong Top Electric Instrument Co. Ltd, cooperating with Fisher Controls Company. We import the original DLC3000 series smart level controller, other parts are designed and manufactured by ourselves. ZTD is suitable for level, interface or density measurement with standard output signal 4~20mA DC + HART. By using HART Communicator which is compatible with DLC3000 series smart level controllers, not only can you check, configure, calibrate, or test the smart level transmitter, but also you can receive the messages from a single controlling loop and download the information from site into control system.
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ZTD series smart displacer level (interface) transmitter consists of imported original DLC3000 series smart level controller and measuring chamber, measuring mechanism, displacer and torque tube, etc. The liquid level changing triggers the change of the buoyancy of displacer, then it will be transferred into the torque tube unit. This makes the torque tube and core axle rotate synchronously.
At the same time, the magnetic steel parts that fixed at the core axle of the torque tube turn rotary displacement. The Hall-effect sensor senses the magnetic field change and converts the magnetic signals into current signals. DLC3000 series smart level controller measures process variables with a controller and relative electronic circuit, supplies current output to drive LCD and support HART communication. Controller receives the electric signals that have been temperature-compensated and linearised. Meanwhile, compensates the liquid density change caused by the change of the process temperature, then supplies 4~20mA current output signals. LCD can indicate analog output, process variables, process temperature (if RTD is installed), degrees of the torque tube rotation and percent range of variable, etc.


Power supply: 12~30V DC; the controller has reverse polarity protection.(when HART is
communicating, the voltage of controller ≥17.75V DC)
Output signal: 4~20 mA DC (Positive direction – the increase of level, interface, or density make output
increase; Negative direction – the increase of level, interface, or density make output decrease.)
Measuring range: 300mm—2500mm (can also over range)
Nominal pressure: ≤42.0Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN40 or as customers’ request
Ambient temperature: –40ºC to +80ºC (when ≤–30ºC, no LCD display)
Operating temperature: –70ºC to +400ºC
Measuring accuracy: 0.5%
Influence from power supply: When the voltage of the power supply varies between min. and max. ,the output change is within <±0.2%. of the full scale.
LCD display: Output current signal、process variable、process temperature、percentage range、rotation angle of torque tube.
Medium density difference: ≥0.08g/cm³
Material of torque tube: Standard configuration Inconel 600,or Monel, HasetlloyC-276
Wetted material: 304、316L or as customers’ request
Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009、HG/T20615-2009 or as customers’ request
Power entry: Two NPT 1/2 (female thread) or as customers’ request
Explosion-proof: Explosion isolation ExdⅡCT6, Intrinsically safe ExiaⅡCT6
Protection grade: IP66
Alarm jumper: For the self-diagnosis to the inaccuracy failure of the process variables (for example, the electronic module failure). Configure the process variables of high and low alarms.



Code meaning



DLC3000 Smart displacer transmitter




Level measurement



Interface measurement



Density measurement




Top-side mounted



Top-bottom mounted



Side-side mounted



Bottom-side mounted



Top mounted



Side mounted



Top-bottom S style mounted




Nominal pressure ≤PN2.5MPa, 2.0Mpa (Class 150)



Nominal pressure: PN4.0MPa



Nominal pressure: PN6.3MPa, 5.0MPa (Class 300)



Nominal pressure: PN10.0MPa, 11.0MPa (Class 600)



Nominal pressure: PN16.0MPa, 15.0MPa (Class 900)




Nominal pressure ≤PN26.0MPa (Class 1500)




Nominal pressure ≤PN42.0MPa (Class 2500) need to review




Intrinsically safe




Explosion protection: intrinsically safe



Explosion protection: explosion isolation




Chamber material : carbon steel



Chamber material: 304 (others as actual fill in)




Medium temperature: -70℃≤T<-30℃



Medium temperature:-30℃≤T<+100℃



Medium temperature: +100℃≤T≤+400℃






According to actual fill in, unit is mm.

Additional code


Chamber with heating, flange connection DN15, PN2.5 RF


Chamber with heating, thread joint R1/2



Left mounted transmitter (without “W” is right mounted transmitter)

Example :
ZTD-2C3/iTD/800F: smart displacer, measuring interface, side-side mounted, nominal pressure is PN6.3MPa or PN5.0MPa intrinsically safe, chamber material is carbon steel, medium temperature-30℃≤T<+100℃, measuring range is 800mm, chamber with heating, flange connection with heating tracing.

1. The structure and size
H in following chart is measuring range, nominal pressure ≤6.3Mpa.
Size in bracket is product with heat insulation sleeve.

A: Top-side mounted version
A: Top-side mounted version B: Top-bottom mounted version
C: Side-side mounted version D: Bottom-side mounted version
E: Top mounted version F: Side mounted version
 S: Top-bottom S style mounted version  

2. Mounting orientation of the smart level controller
Mount the controller on the chamber. When the controller is mounted on the right of the displacer chamber, the transmitter is called right-mounted, so when the level increases, torque tube turns in clockwise. When the controller is mounted on the left of the displacer chamber, the transmitter is called left-mounted, so when the level increases, torque tube turns in counter-clockwise.
3. Material and application temperature:


Process Temperature



Cast Iron



Carbon Steel



Stainless Steel









Hastelloy C



Graphite Laminate / SST Gaskets






4. Safety barrier recommendation table:

Shanghai I.S.Instruments & system Co.,Ltd


Germany P+F Company


Shanghai Automation Instrument Institute

GS8041-Ex; GS8045-Ex

Dandong Top Electronics Instrument Co., Ltd

TP5041-Ex; TP5045-Ex

Longfei Group Corporation in China



MTL3046B; MTL5042; MTL706+

Order requirements
Please select product model according to the model selection table.
◆   Medium operating pressure & temperature
◆   Special wetted material brand name
◆   Tag number
◆   Flange standard
◆   Medium name & density
◆   Instrument accuracy