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UQK-300 Float Level Controller
UQK-300 Float Level Controller
UQK-300 float level controller is suitable for level or interface controlling and alarm for different kinds of vessels in production process in petroleum, chemical, textile dyeing and finishing, and water treatment, etc.
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UQK-300 float level controller consists of magnetic float, isolating tube, reed switch, junction box, etc. Magnetic float moves up and down with the level change and reed switch operates at setting alarm position to control the alarm system alarming or the pump to start and stop.
◆Control length: 0~6000 mm
◆Basic error: ±10mm
◆Contact type: one is normal open, one is normal close
◆Contact capacity: AC 100VA, DC100VA
(intrinsically safe type is only for 24V)
◆Max.voltage: 250V
◆Max. current: 1A
◆Nominal pressure: ≤2.5MPa
◆Nominal diameter: DN150, DN100
◆Ambient temperature: -40℃~+80℃
◆Operating temperature: -20℃~+120℃
◆Medium density: for level: ρ≥0.65g/cm3
◆for interface: ρ1-ρ2≥0.25g/cm3
◆Wetted material: 304, 306L or on request
◆Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009, HG/T20615-2009
or on request
◆Power supply inlet: M20×1.5(female thread)
or on request
◆Protection class: IP67
◆Relative equipment: safety barrier (see safety barrier recommendation sheet)

Model Code Code meaning
UQK-   Float level controller
  300   Top-mounted
  L1   Upper limit alarm
  L2   Lower limit alarm
  Y   Upper, lower limit alarm
  *   Distance from upper alarm setting position
to flange interface
  *   Distance from lower alarm setting position
to flange interface
      *   Medium density(g/cm³)
      d Explosion isolating
    i Intrinsically safe

UQK-300Y-300-1500-0.8d is top mounted, upper, lower limit alarm, distance from upper alarm setting position to flange interface is 300mm, distance from lower alarm setting position to flange interface is 1500mm, medium density is 0.8(g/cm³) and intrinsically safe explosion-proof float level controller.
1. Outline and structure sketch of UQK-300 float level controller as above.
2. Safety barrier recommendation sheet
Dandong Top Electronics Instrument Co., Ltd TP5041-EX TP5045-EX
Shanghai Automation Instrument Institute CS8041-EX CS8045-EX
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