News Express - The Future of Science and Technology Enterprises
On September 24, the company led attended the aerospace science and technology fusion industry summit, which was co-sponsored by Aerospace Science and Technology Group's National Defense Science and Technology Productivity Promotion Center and China Aerospace Science and Technology Group 508.
"Chinese dream, Space dream", for this issue, the meeting provide a lot of successful experience and future ideas for the future of science and technology to provide a lot of successful experience and future ideas.
DDTOP Group is a technology-based enterprises, the future development of the road must be closely linked with the creative science and technology, Enterprises want to survive and develop, through different scientific and technological innovation is inevitable. In recent years, the company has adopted international advanced standard. In product innovation, use passing the international standard certification as standard for the products to get into market, to break the international similar products fortress for innovation requirement, with different perspectives to find enterprise technology innovation, use current large data, information technology tools applied to the actual work, and constantly imagined whether more advanced technology achievements can be used for the enterprise.
China's NASA in Dandong, military and civilian integration exchange, UAV technology, health remote sensing technology, data analysis and Internet technology in-depth application, won the development of our business requirements. 
"Chinese dream, DDTOP dream", the future is very good, are you ready?