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general manager Zhang Handi speech

Golden dog sends a blessing and prosperous wish! With the strong taste of the year, the first sales training of marketing center in 2018 after the Spring Festival is opened in the sixth floor conference room of Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (Group) Co.,Ltd. This training is sponsored by the marketing center, the general manager office hosts it.
Participantsinclude the marketing department, customer service department, financial department, development department, training for the marketing center of more than 40 sales managers, the purpose is to improve sales skills and work efficiently. This training adopts the form of competition in groups. After every training, on-site assessment will be carried out, the field test and other multiple assessment methods should be carried out by "Ding TalkCool College", which is convenient for sales managers to understand and apply the training contents.
This training is divided into two days. On February 28th, the training contents are<Self Guided Wave Guided Radar Product Introduction>, <Small and Micro Enterprise Tax Policy Training>, <Flange Surveying and Mapping>, <CRM Intensive Training>, <Sales is playing EQ> and <Business Etiquette>. The training content on March 1st is mainly about the amusing product promotion PPT, for each sales manager ballot to select the topic and explain, then review by each group.
No matter from training form or training content, this training is closer to the needs of practical work, more practical and it can also instructthe future work of each sales manager.
In 2018, our work will be accompanied by the pace of comprehensive information, in the efficient management mode, using professional attitude and methods. We believe we will deliver the goods, carry forward and create a success! The future is waiting for us, the world is looking at it! Our vigorous pace, we have!

CRM Training

CRM System Operation

Practice of Flange Mapping