A Delegation from Pohang City, South Korea Visited DDTOP Group


On October 19, 2023, a delegation led by Mr. Kim, the head of the Blue City Business Unit in Pohang, South Korea, was accompanied by Zhang Lihong, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhang Dan, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and Party Secretary of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, An Yunxia, Secretary General of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Du Hui, Director of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, and Fu Jian, Deputy Director of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, to visit and conduct research at DDTOP Group.

Ms. Zhang Yiding, the general manager, warmly received guests from afar on behalf of the company. Accompanied by Mrs. Zhang and the main leaders of various departments, Korean Chamber of Commerce customers visited DDTOP’s factory production and manufacturing base and technology research and development base. During the visit, General Manager Mrs. Zhang Yiding gave a detailed introduction to the production and processing process of the company’s main equipment, the scope and accuracy of production products, and provided professional answers to customers’ questions. We have gained a detailed understanding of our company’s production capacity, process technology, quality control, and research and development capabilities. Rich professional knowledge and excellent work abilities have also left a deep impression on Korean clients. At the symposium, Mrs. Zhang Yiding, the general manager, introduced the technical advantages, market competitiveness, and future plans of the company’s products to Korean merchants, which were highly recognized by the merchants.

The representative of the Chamber of Commerce stated that this on-site visit has provided him with a close understanding of DDTOP Group, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties. The visit of a Korean client not only strengthened the communication between the company and foreign clients, but also laid a solid foundation for DDTOP Group to further internationalize.