DDTOP Standardization Project Approved as “Provincial Pilot”


Standardization pilot demonstration is to promote the successful experience achieved in the pilot work of standardization in specific fields in the industry, and give full play to the leading, radiating and driving role of the pilot typical. In order to implement the provincial government’s implementation of standardization development strategy and give full play to the basic, strategic and leading role of standardization on the high-quality development of economy and society, the Liaoning Province Joint Conference on the Implementation of Standardization Development Strategy restarted the Liaoning Province standardization pilot project construction in 2021. Dandong City Market Supervision Bureau around the quality of the province to enhance the quality of special action program in the key areas, and actively organize agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, high-tech enterprises to declare the project. After the declared pilot projects were reviewed by experts and defended on site, in August 2021, the Liaoning Provincial Office of the Joint Conference on the Development of the Implementation of Standardization Development Strategy issued the document “Notice on the Issuance of Provincial Standardization Pilot Projects in 2021”. The document informed that the provincial pilot project was organized, declared by the organization, expert audit and on-site defense and other comprehensive scores, and informed that the province received 25 pilot projects, and DDTOP Group “Differential Pressure Flow Element Standard System Establishment and Implementation” project was listed as a pilot project. It is the only industrial enterprise in Dandong City to obtain this project.

Standardization pilot demonstration refers to the standardization practice activities organized and managed by the standardization administrative department together with relevant administrative departments, with the establishment and perfection of the standard system as the main content, in order to spread the concept of standardization, promote standardization experience, and promote the use of standardization in the whole society to organize production, operation, management and service as the purpose of typical leading, benchmark leading, in accordance with the “The government promotes, the department joint, voluntary declaration, orderly implementation” principle to carry out. At the same time, the products or services of the pilot undertakings can reflect the characteristics of the industry, and have obvious demonstration and driving effect on other units in the industry, while the market share and economic benefits of the pilot undertakings are ranked at the forefront of the same industry in the region, with good development potential.

Over the years, DDTOP Group has been committed to the development of domestic national brands with the concept of “Highly Respect For Safety”, and the accumulation of little by little has made our achievements today.  In the future, we will remain fully committed to our corporate and social responsibilities and to the development of our business.