LBTC Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Flow Meter

LBTC positive displacement rotary vane flow meter belongs to volumetric flow meter, which is one of the more accurate instruments in modern industrial liquid measurement.

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    1.Stable performance, no vibration, no noise

    2.Insensitive to changes in upstream medium flow

    3.Almost unaffected by the viscosity of the medium

    4.High accuracy, max can be up to 0.2

    5.Withstand the high pressure, good applicability, long service life

    6.Convenient installation, no need of straight pipe section, rectifier and other ancillary equipment, not affected by elbow, valve and other pipe fittings.

Main Technical Parameters

Basic Error: 0.2%;0.5%

Nominal Diameter: 25mm;50mm;80mm;100mm;150mm;200mm;250mm;300mm

Nominal Pressure: 2.5MPa; 4.0MPa; 6.4MPa

Medium Viscosity: 0. 6~500mPa.s (Dynamic viscosity)

Medium Temperature: -25℃≤T≤+250℃

Pressure Loss: Not more than 0.1 MPa (For example, the caliber is DN80)


Refining: hydrocracking, isomerization

Crude Oil Treatment: metering station


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