LD Magnetic Flow Meter

LG magnetic flow meter is suitable for conductive medium with conductivity greater than 5μS/cm and with wide nominal diameter range. It is also suitable for various conductive environment conditions where is no pressure loss, with a variety of power supply modes and signal output. It uses standard RS-485 serial communication interface and support international common standards MODBUS-RTU communication protocols, GPRS and other wireless and wired communication networking methods. It can also provide wireless meter reading system (computer management software and database) that can be accessed by remote network.

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    1.Excellent measurement repeatability and linearity

    2.Good reliability and anti-jamming performance

    3.Good pressure tightness

    4.Low pressure loss measuring tube



Main Technical Parameters

Implementation Standards: JB/T 9248-2015

Nominal Diameter: 15~2000mm

Flow Range: 0~10m/s

Accuracy: ±0.5%R, ±1%R(below DN20)

Medium Conductivity: Theoretical ≥5 uS/cm, Practical use ≥30uS/cm

Ambient Temperature: LCD: -10℃~55℃;OLED: -30℃~55℃

Output Signal: 4~20mA

Cable Port Size: M20×1.5 (standard nylon waterproof joint, explosion-proof metal joint is optional)

IP Rating: Split Type: IP68, IP65; Integrated Type: IP65


Crude Oil Treatment: Oil Field Sewage


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