LG Venturi Flow Meters

Flow element, also known as differential pressure flow meter, consists of a primary detection piece (flow element) and a secondary device (differential pressure transmitter and flow indicator). Flow element is the most stable and reliable of all flow meters, which has a history of more than 100 years. Its wide applicability, high reliability and accurate accuracy make it widely used in the measurement of gas, liquid and vapor.

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    1.Structure is simple, easy to install, reliable to work, accuracy can meet the needs of engineering survey.

    2.It has pure mechanical structure, according to the site high temperature and high pressure conditions to select appropriate structure and material. The highest pressure is 42 MPa and the highest temperature is 500℃.

    3.Flow element has a long history of use, it has rich and reliable experimental data. Design and processing has been standardized. Standard orifice plate is no need to carry out the real flow calibration and maintenance.

Main Technical Parameters


Refining: Catalytic cracking, Acid-containing sedimentation tank, Hydrocracking, Coking, Isomerization, Crude oil desalination, Sulfur recovery, Catalytic reforming

Natural Gas: Light hydrocarbon recovery


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