LGXS Wedge Flow Meter

LGXS wedge flow meter is a new type of flow element which has been widely used in recent years. Wedge flow meter is very suitable for low Reynolds number fluid flow measurement, especially when measuring the high viscosity fluid, solid particle fluid and slurry fluid.

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    1.Wide viscosity range, the flow rate and differential pressure can maintain a root relationship in the range of Reynolds number from 500 to millions.

    2.High accuracy, the basic error of the calibrated wedge flow meter is within ±0.5%.

    3.Self-cleaning ability, no stagnant area.

    4.Good wear resistance.

    5.Permanent pressure loss is smaller than orifice plate.

    6.Good repeatability and high reliability.

    7.Long life, low cost, easy installation and maintenance.

    8.Bidirectional flow measurement. Minimum straight pipe section requirements: upstream 5 times of pipe diameter, downstream 2 times of pipe diameter.

    9.Repeatability : ±0.2%.

Main Technical Parameters

Nominal Diameter: DN25~DN600

Wedge Ratio: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5

Nominal Pressure: 0~26.0MPa

Medium Temperature: -196℃≤T≤500℃

Turndown: 10:1

Accuracy: ±1% ±0.5%( Real Flow Calibration)

Reynolds Range: 300~1×107

Viscosity: 500mPa.s


Refining: Distillation Tower


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