LWGY Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

LWGY liquid turbine flow meter is a new generation of turbine flow meter with simple structure, lightness, high precision, good reproducibility, sensitive reaction, convenient installation, maintenance and use. Turbine flow meter is a kind of precision flow measuring instrument, which measures the flow rate and total amount of impurity free and corrosion free liquid.

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    1.High accuracy: Generally can be up to 1% R、±0.5% R, high precision type can be up to 0.2% R.

    2.Good repeatability, short-term repeatability can reach 0.05% R~0.2% R. It is precisely because of good repeatability, such as regular calibration or on-line calibration can get extremely high accuracy, it is the preferred flow meter in trade settlement.

    3.Output pulse frequency signal, it is suitable for total measurement and computer connection, no zero drift and has strong anti-interference ability.

    4.It can obtain very high frequency signal (3-4 KHz) and have a strong signal resolution.

    5.Wide range, medium and large diameter can reach 1:20, the small diameter is 1:10.

    6.Compact and lightweight structure, easy installation and maintenance, large circulation capacity.

    7.It is suitable for high pressure measurement, the instrument body does not need to open holes, easy to make high pressure instrument.

    8.Special sensors can be designed for various types according to the special requirements of users, such as low temperature type, two-way type, underground type and sand mixing type.

    9.It can be made into insert type and suitable for the large caliber measurement with small pressure loss and low price. It can continuously flow out, easy installation and maintenance.

Main Technical Parameters

Measured Medium: No impurity, low viscosity, no strong corrosive liquid

Implementation Standard: Turbine flow meter(JB/T9246-1999 )

Verification Regulations: Turbine flow meter(JJG1037-2008 )

Instrument Caliber (mm) and Connection Mode:

Flange Connection Type: DN15-DN200

Thread Connection Type: DN4-DN50

Clamping Connection Type: DN4-DN200

Accuracy Grade: ±1%R、±0.5%R、±0.2%R (It needs to be customized)

Turndown: 1:10;1:15;1:20

Sensor Material: SS304, SS316L, etc

Medium Temperature: -20°C ~ +80°C

Ambient Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

Relative Humidity: 5%~90%

Atmospheric Pressure: 86~106kPa

Signal Output Function: Pulse Signal, 4-20mA Signal

Communication Output Function: RS485 Communication, HART Protocol

Explosion-proof Grade: ExdIICT6 Gb

IP Rating: IP65 or higher (It can be customized


Crude Oil Treatment: Metering Station

Chemical: Chemical Injection, Desalted Water Tank


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