MLT Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

MLT type magnetostrictive level transmitter is a kind of high-precision level transmitter, and it is also mounted as an external binding transmitter on the local level gauge. The product can be used for level and interface measurement. Through the magnetostrictive wire, the core part of the sensor, the small changes in magnetic field vectors are transformed into mechanical waves. The sensor circuit transmits current pulses along the magnetostrictive wire inside the sensor tube, forming a ring magnetic field around the magnetostrictive wire. When a float is encountered, the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnetic steel inside the float magnetizes the magnetostrictive wire axially. When the two magnetic fields are superimposed, the pulse is transmitted along the magnetostrictive wire to the top and bottom ends of the sensor respectively, and the float position is accurately confirmed by measuring the time difference between the starting and returning pulses.

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    1.4 buttons operating interface and LCD graphical display will provide more efficient configuration, calibration, measurement, fault display and other functions.

    2.The product determines the displacement by measuring the time difference between the transmitted pulse and the return pulse, the accuracy is very high, and can reach 0.5% or better.

    3.The product can measure level or interface. It is a real multi-parameter measurement.

    4.The product can be easily combined with magnetic level gauge.

Main Technical Parameters

Power supply: 24V DC

Output signal: 4~20mA+HART

Measurement range:  200mm~6000mm

Probe diameter: φ12mm

Nominal pressure: ≤11.0MPa

Medium temperature: -40℃~+160℃

Ambient temperature: -40℃~+70℃

Accuracy: ±2 mm

Resolution: 1 mm

Minimum density Difference:0.45g/cm3

Wetted material: 316L or on request

Process Connection: Threaded interface, standard flange (as request) or others

Electrical Interface: M20×1.5 (female thread) or on request

Explosion-proof Type: Ex ia IIC T5/T6 Ga;Ex d IIC T1~T5/T6 Gb

IP Rating: IP66


Chemical: Tank sealing

Natural gas: Vapor recovery

Electricity industry: Deaerator

Sewage treatment: Gas flow from digester


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