UFM Ultrasonic Flow Meter

UFM ultrasonic flow meter is widely used in the long-term on-line measurement of various liquids, suitable for all dense pipes. The sensor of flow meter is divided into external clamp type, plug-in type and pipe section type, in which the external clamp type and plug-in type can be continuously and uninterrupted flow installation. The main engine can be installed in the indoor, instrument cabinet, the sensor is installed on the pipe, the main engine and sensor are connected by custom cable, the flow rate can be measured, and the ration temperature sensor can realize the heat measurement.

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    1.Unique waveform display interface, easy to quick install and locate the sensor;

    2.Visual man-machine interface, easy to operate;

    3.Ground metal sensor has stronger anti-interference ability;

    4.Based on digital platform signal processing, high precision, strong anti-jamming ability, it can work well in harsh working conditions;

    5.Housing is waterproof, dustproof, anti-oil pollution and a variety of liquids and dirt, it’s durable and the waterproof grade is IP67.

Main Technical Parameters

Accuracy: Flow Rate: Better than ±1%
Display: Use 4.3 inch LCD and support switching between English and Chinese
Signal Output: 1 channel 4-20 mA current output, impedance 0~1 K, accuracy 0.1%
Signal Input: It can connect three wire PT100 platinum resistance to achieve heat measurement.


Pipe Material: Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cement pipe, copper, PVC, aluminum, FRP and all other densely qualitative pipelines. Lining is allowable.
Pipe Inner Diameter: 50~3000mm
Straight Pipe Section: Sensor installation point is better to meet: upstream 10 D, downstream 5 D, from pump outlet 30 D (D is pipe diameter)


Measuring Medium
Types: Water, seawater, industrial sewage, acid-base liquid, alcohol, various oils and other single and uniform liquid which is capable of conducting the ultrasonic waves.
Temperature: -30~160°C
Turbidity: 10000ppm and the bubble content is small
Flow Velocity: 0~±10m/s


Working Environment
Temperature: host :-40~70°C; flow sensor :-30~160°C
Humidity: host :85% RH; flow sensor: it can work in water, water depth is ≤2 m( note: sensor after glue)
Power Supply: DC24V or AC85~264V


Crude Oil Treatment: Oil Field Sewage


Chemical: Chemical Injection, Desalted Water Tank


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