UFZ Buoy Level Gauge

UFZ type buoy level gauge is suitable for level measurement of groove, tank, oil depots and other containers in the storage and transportation system of petrochemical industry. The measured medium can be acidic, alkaline, high viscosity and corrosive medium.

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    1.The buoy level gauge has strong structure, and intuitive reading functions.

    2.Buoy level gauge is more suitable for many tanks with strong corrosion, high viscosity and general tank area.

Main Technical Parameters

Working pressure: Normal pressure

Medium density: ≥0.6g/cm3

Measure range: When 500 mm~10000 mm, arbitrarily specify the measurement range; when more than 10000 mm, designated by the user, according to the special requirements of production

Accuracy: ±20mm

Medium Temperature: -30℃~+200℃

Vertical degree of guide wire installation :≤5°

Wetted material: 304 or on request

Non-wetted material: Carbon steel


Oil refining: sulfur recovery, coking operations, catalytic cracking


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