UQD Ball Float Level Transmitter

UQD ball float level transmitter consists of measuring part and signal controller part. According to structural features, the measuring part can be divided into 90 type with small angle, 91 type with large angle, 92 type with external float. Its signal controller part is divided into analog type and intelligent type. The product can be widely used for the measurement of various medium level, and it is an ideal instrument for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power industries.

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    1.Use integral flange connection to reduce leakage points and reduce the possibility of leakage, so the reliability is extremely high and the amount of maintenance is minimal.

    2.Structure is simple and commissioning is convenient. The level transmitter can be adjusted without any special tools.

    3.It is suitable for level measurement of medium such as high temperature and high pressure, viscous or containing impurities conditions.

Main Technical Parameters

Power supply: 24V DC

Output signal: 4~20mA +HART

Nominal pressure: ≤6.3MPa

Float diameter: φ230mm (standard)

Working temperature: -30℃≤T≤+225℃(No cooling fin),225℃<T≤450℃(With cooling fin)

Ambient temperature: -30℃~+70℃ (When the temperature is ≤-20℃, there is no LCD and the remote transmission can be used normally)

Accuracy: ±1.0%

Nominal diameter: DN250

Medium density:≥0.55g/cm3

Flange standard: HG/T20592 HG/T20615 or on request

Power inlet: M20×1.5 (female thread) or on request

IP rating: IP66


Refining: Distillation tower


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