Team Spirit


Depending on their position in the target market, companies can be classified as leaders, challengers, followers and gap fillers. Market leaders hold a 40% share, market challengers a 30% share and market followers a 20% share and are active in small market segments that are not of interest to large companies.

—— Mr. Kotler

They are trying to fight for the market, a contract of tens of millions of dollars, after taking the joy overflowing, a small contract of several tens of thousands of dollars, they do not want to let go, which is also the future of the market it, do not let go of their own hands down an inch of “Rivers and Mountains”, as much as possible to occupy the market share. Teng Weidong, the manager of Shandong region, has been the sales champion for many years, he can talk to you about the technical structure of the product, the product knowledge, the sales director Ye Jingwei asked the sales manager to have product-related knowledge in every training, to understand the product, to know the value of the weapon they carry, in order to be invincible in the market.

We must understand our insignificance. If we do not learn, the speed of technological development will leave us emptied in five years. So we must embrace the knowledge of the future with the humble self-awareness of the beginner and the eager inquisitive attitude of the hungry.
—— Steve Jobs

Even without business trips, they have no time to relax and idle, if production needs, they can rush over, they are working in the production workshop auxiliary work, instrument assembly work requires care and patience, if they do not understand they will ask and learn at once, these sales experts love and attention to the products they sell, they know themselves and products, this knowledge already covers the familiarity of the product, they know more cooperation is not only a positive mentality, but also a kind of wisdom.

Success does not come in the future, but continues to accumulate from the moment you decide to do it. May they have a better future!