DDTOP was invited to participate in the 29th Annual Academic Conference of the Northeast Process Automation Design Professional Committee and the Annual Academic Conference of the Automatic Control Engineering Design Committee (2019) of China Instrumentation Society.


The 29th and 2019 Academic Conference of the Northeast Process Automation Design Professional Committee was held in Song Yuan City, Jilin Province. The central topic of this annual meeting is: “Intelligent”. Participating in this annual meeting were design institutes from the northeast, as well as instrumentation manufacturers’ representatives from all over the country. They gathered together to exchange design experience, understand the intention of user equipment selection, and design institute peers to discuss various automation technologies.

This academic conference will focus on the central topic of “Intelligent”, understand and improve the ability of implementing intelligent technology through practical application case analysis, discuss in depth topics such as “how to design and select high quality products that meet intelligent requirements” and “manufacturing and evaluation of high quality products”, and invite experts in related fields and senior management of enterprises to carry out exciting keynote speeches and academic discussions to help design institutes judge and select good products, help enterprises improve product quality, and continue to grow and develop.

As an excellent instrumentation supplier in China, DDTOP has 27 years of accumulation of industrial field data and application experience in hundreds of conditions for level, flow, switch and other instruments.

General Manager Zhang Yiding was invited to make a wonderful speech, mainly sharing the development history of the company’s instruments, the advantages of replacing imported similar products with domestic high-pressure displacer level transmitter, which helped the participants to deeply understand the domestic and international development history of DDTOP’s highly reliable, safe, high-precision, economical and intelligent level and flow meter technology.