I’m DDTOP from China, here I come.


Organized by China Mechatronics Association and co-sponsored by DDTOP Group, the “4th Petroleum and Chemical Instrumentation and Control Technology Conference” was held in Dandong on November 8, 2019.

The three-day conference, Dandong government leaders were invited to attend the meeting, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the China Mechatronics Technology Application Association to help promote the overall development of Dandong in mechatronics industry upgrading, industrial transformation, industrial automation and the development and application of intelligent equipment products.


The conference also invited instrumentation and control experts, industry scholars and supplier representatives from petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical and other industries.


The theme of the conference was “Ensure Safety, Innovate Standard, Promote Development”, which is in line with the concept of “Highly Respect for Safety” that DDTOP always insists on.



As the co-organizer of this conference, DDTOP Group has always held the belief of “Speaking out for Safety”. In the main hall of the instrumentation and control technology conference, the sub-court of industrial control system safety and the sub-court of chemical automation instrumentation technology development, DDTOP gave an important speech on the theme of “Safety”.


During the tea break, experts and scholars from all walks of life gathered around the booth of DDTOP, their eyes were stuck on the “DDTOP Instrument Demonstration Device”, which was the debut of DDTOP demonstration device. The demonstration device is divided into level meter, flow meter, radar level meter and flow element display, which can more comprehensively show the working status and performance of DDTOP instruments, as well as more intuitive display of DDTOP production and processing capabilities.



After the agenda of the meeting, the experts came to the DDTOP factory and visited the machining workshop, assembly workshop and surface treatment workshop, and had on-site communication with the technicians.

In the evening of November 8TH, the “Night of DDTOP” banquet was opened. In the course of the banquet, the “Outstanding Young Talents in Instrumentation” award, “Outstanding Technical Leader in Instrumentation” award, and the “Outstanding Technical Leader in Instrumentation” award were presented. “Instrument Automation Innovative Product (Technology)” award and “Grand National Instrument Craftsman” award. Among them, DDTOP Group is honored to win the “Instrument Automation Innovative Product (Technology)” award, which will also encourage DDTOP to continue to make attempts and breakthroughs in product development and innovation, and truly let the domestic instruments go out of the country to the world.

On November 9th, “The Fourth Petroleum and Chemical Instrumentation and Control Technology Conference” came to a successful end. The efforts of all DDTOP employees left countless flashpoints, which will always shine in the long river of development of DDTOP.



The world won’t get to know us, so we decided to take the initiative to introduce ourselves to the world: I’m DDTOP from China, here I come.