DDTOP Group Was Selected As One of the “2021 Standardized Good Behavior Enterprises” List


Recently, Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the “2021 Standardized Good Behavior Enterprises List”, a total of 29 enterprises in the province were selected, including DDTOP Group.

Enterprise standardization good behavior, refers to the enterprise in accordance with GB/T 35778-2017 “Enterprise Standardization Guide” and other series of national standards requirements, the use of standardization concepts and methods, the establishment and effective implementation of product realization, basic security and post standard system, standardize the enterprise production and management behavior, and achieve good economic benefits and social benefits.

Standardization of good behavior enterprises to apply for the following conditions:
1. Chinese mainland within the law registered enterprises.
2. Enterprise has completed the self-evaluation of the standard system according to GB/T19273, and effective operation for more than 3 months.
3. No major product quality, safety and health, environmental protection and other accidents have occurred within three years of the enterprise, and have not been notified, disciplined, media exposure.
4. Enterprise product in the past two years has no local product quality supervision and sampling failure record.

According to the experience of countries around the world, the standardization work of enterprises is divided into three steps, namely, the development of product standards, the formation of a standard system and using standardized forms to support product development.

To satisfy customers with product standards and produce products according to the standards is the key first step in the standardization work of the enterprise. DDTOP Group divides its products by level meter, flow meter, magnetic pump, flow verification system, quantitative loading system, tank management control system and industrial control system, and each product category is operated and produced according to different product series standards.In the enterprise, only a single product standard is difficult to play a role, the role of standardization only through the standard system can effectively play out. The second step of enterprise standardization work is to establish the standard system. At the beginning of its establishment, DDTOP Group has gradually established various management systems in line with international standards and managed its production and operation activities in strict accordance with the system standards, currently passing ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system and ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system. In recent years a number of products are also manufactured in strict accordance with the standards of international norms, with ATEX\IECEx\CSA explosion-proof quality management system, CE pressure vessel quality management system, functional safety management system certification, PED EU quality system and many other international norms of management systems.

It is the third step to establish the best production, operation and management order, to allocate the resources reasonably, to improve the basic management level and to improve the market competitiveness. DDTOP Group has also benefited a lot from the implementation of good corporate standardization practices.

The “Standardized Good Behavior Enterprises” is the “Rule of Law” environment based on the standard setting, the effectiveness of the standard hospitality process, at all times to maintain the enterprise standard advanced, scientific and regulatory adaptability to promote enterprises to win the market, improve competitiveness, and achieve greater economic and social benefits.