DDTOP Inspection and Maintenance


On August 27, 2021, China National Petroleum Corporation Fushun Petrochemical Company Limited 2021 level meter maintenance timing began, from August 27 returned to the company for 7 sets of displacer level transmitters, 18 sets of ball float level transmitters and 3 sets of magnetic float level transmitters . The customer service department staff prepared and planned the maintenance task in accordance with the inspection and maintenance process.

DDTOP has quite rich experience in inspection and maintenance in the field, whether it is an urgent need for rapid response or a large on-site solution, every project regardless of the size, no matter how big or small, all efforts are put into it, although this time the task is tight and heavy, personnel tension, project cross-operation and other various complex situations exist, but we still combined with the company’s lean production management project, under the guarantee of lean system, with the process as the operational standard. We were able to meet the management requirements for standardized operations and safeguard the interests of our customers, and completed the overhaul task ahead of schedule on 3 September.

In 2021, based on many years of experience and achievements in inspection and maintenance, DDTOP was audited by the China Institute of Special Equipment Testing and Research on site and passed the requirements of the national “National Technical Specification for Inspection and Maintenance Capability Assessment”, with the ability to inspect and maintain conventional instruments and obtained the corresponding “Inspection and Maintenance Capability Assessment Report”.

Success does not happen overnight, it is the patience and maintenance that has given us a good reputation over time, and it is the long term perseverance that has given us the results we have today.